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Well, there are currently few television stations in the United States dedicated to servicing the expanding population of African immigrants. The African population in the United States is rapidly increasing, and this part of the population has several concerns and requirements that must be handled.

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Africans in the first generation are college-educated and well-informed. They have passed on such characteristics to their American-born offspring. The African community lacks a platform to express itself and publicize its accomplishments.


In 2014, a seasoned journalist, Moses Adedeji, launched the New Africa Broadcasting Network as a communication platform dedicated to African Americans and African Immigrant communities to offer the continent of Africa equal representation in the United States.

The New African Broadcasting Network (NABN) uses its communication platform to discuss and share information on African immigrants’ well-being and welfare in the United States of America, as well as rising challenges on the African continent.

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Through a series of biographical features and documentaries, the New Africa Broadcasting Network NABN-TV aims to highlight the tremendous accomplishments of Africans in the diaspora. NABN-TV has begun to successfully implement a positive “re-branding” of Africans’ image around the world.

To give historical, socio-cultural, economic, spiritual, and political information to African immigrant groups in the United States.

Encourage and publicize events involving African immigrants.

To serve the public with informative, entertaining, and instructive programming.

Promoting and delivering multi-cultural programming that highlights the diversity of African Americans and African immigrants.

To promote tolerance and diversity among African Americans by exposing them to a broader global perspective.

New educational learning possibilities for a diverse population are being offered and promoted.

Mission and vision

NABN- TV’s objective is to provide its viewers with accurate and timely information while also expressing the social, economic, socio-cultural, spiritual, political, and historical aspects of the people it represents.

The New Africa Broadcasting Network (NABN) has made it a priority to highlight and publicize the remarkable achievements of Africans all around the world. Those achievements are under-reported or completely disregarded by the mainstream media, which prefers to focus on negative stories about Africa and Africans.

NABN-TV is on a mission to highlight the significant contributions made by Nigerians and Africans in the diaspora to other countries, particularly the United States of America. NABN will also discuss how Africa may entice its Diaspora inhabitants to return home and contribute to the reconstruction of their motherland.

Services and Products


  • Discussion with public authorities in the United States about concerns affecting African immigrants in the United States, such as immigration, affordable healthcare, education, employment, minority company ownership, and so on.
  • Participate in a discussion with African immigrants about the challenges and triumphs of life in America and around the world.
  • Discussion with African elected officials about current events impacting Africans, such as healthcare, housing, jobs, quality of life, and so on.
  • Coverage and transmission of a diverse range of cultural acts from around Continental Africa and the United States.
  • The African Food Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to demonstrating delectable African dishes and food products


News and documentaries about topics that affect Africa and Africans around the world are broadcast.

NABN will soon be the main source of using digital media platforms to effectively promote positive change across the magnificent continent of Africa, leveraging the power of influence and inspiration.